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Aine O'Malley

Aine first found the healing energy of yoga in 2007, as a prenatal yogi. Aine has studied with various local teachers, beginning her formal training in 2013 with Radiant Child Yoga, which comes from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. Aine completed her 200 hr RYT in the Yoga of Energy Flow teacher training with Liz Owen and Daniel Orlansky.
Aine focuses on four themes in her teaching, all of which have been central to her own experiences on the mat. First and foremost, Aine is intrigued by the breath. Primarily practicing yoga in the vinyasa style, breath initiates and informs all movements, large or small. Working to synchronize breath and movement, we can feel the breath invigorate, calm and support our asanas. Second, Aine layers breath with strong and precise physical alignment striving to create a safe space for students’ bodies and minds. Safe, healthy alignment exposes freedom and joy in our movements. The next piece Aine weaves in with some light and laughter: feedback from our bodies. This is where discomfort can transform into an opportunity to listen to the deeper message, thereby allowing us to seek greater ease in a pose and find greater depth of experience spiritually and emotionally. Sometimes bursts of freedom or fear rise up. Whatever the experience may be, Aine strives to help her students learn how to integrate these feelings as feedback, removing judgment and receiving them as information. The last piece of the puzzle is simple: practice. Aine aims to help her students find and feel the natural exuberance that is revealed when the spirit of a pose is realized - and this is a joy of showing up to practice regularly. Practice does not make perfect, practice is just practice! Practice is paramount in yoga- it is a dance that takes place in the now, in this moment! We are not striving toward a goal, but allowing the practice of showing up each day to help us find our way to the peace that exists within.
The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits that the practice of yoga have brought to Aine’s life are gifts she loves to share. She uses her training and insight to encourage children and adults to confidently venture deeper into self-expression both on and off the mat.

Aine O'Malley instructs the following:
  • All Levels Flow to Music
  • Vinyasa Flow to Music classes focus on connecting breath to movement through a vigorous, continuous sequence of postures. We stretch and strengthen our body and spirit, and we calm the mind.

    We practice heated, not hot yoga. The studio is heated to approximately 80 degrees. The studio will feel comfortably warm, allowing you to safely stretch deeply. You will enjoy a detoxifying sweat from the athletic nature of the yoga. You will leave refreshed and renewed. Classes are set to music and teachers prepare their own playlists. Classes will vary to reflect the unique style and personality of each teacher.

    This class is appropriate for all levels of experience, and beginners are always welcome. If you are new to yoga, or if you have an injury or limitation, please let the teacher know, so he/she can offer modifications and give you extra support.

  • Prenatal Workshop
  • Our prenatal classes are designed both for pregnant women with experience on the mat and those who are brand new to yoga. We will build strength and flexibility, find ease and comfort in our changing bodies and enjoy some well-deserved deep relaxation.
    This class is suitable for women at all stages of pregnancy. Come join us on the mat as we center, breathe and move through poses together.