Black Crow Yoga
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Element Flow Series: Earth


Element Flow Series: EARTH

Friday, 09.29.2017 / 7 to 8:30pm

Join Brittney Burgess for the first of a four part, seasonal yoga series. These classes will vary from deeply grounding to highly energizing practices inviting you to discover and embody earth, water, air and fire in your practice and your life!

Create the element of EARTH in this practice as you bring steadiness and an inner calm to your mind and body. Build stability, create strong roots, and awaken your connection to the earth. This class will empower you to slow down, root down and remember how steady you are when you stand in your own strength.

Come for all or one or some!


Element Flow Series: Earth



Divine Vinyasa Dance

Friday, 10.06.2017 / 7 to 8:15pm

In this class, Sam will take you through a variety of yoga poses with an added flare of primal body movements. The goal is to awaken the senses while bringing awareness to the body and inner self. Using a musical beat, primal dance is drawn from the body in combination with vinyasa flow. Pairing breath with fluid movement, the practitioner awakens a variety of areas in the body and releases stagnant energy.

This class is accessible to all levels. Come prepared to love yourself, laugh with yourself and enjoy your true nature, just as you are!